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Stockings 4 Kids provides beautiful filled Christmas stockings to less fortunate children in our Community. Stockings 4 Kids will share the magic and love of Christmas with 4,000 children this Christmas.

The stockings are filled by other children providing them with the opportunity to experience the value of helping someone less fortunate than themselves. Last year we had 90 young children (elves) stuffing the stockings on "stuffing day." The program creates a memorable lasting experience for the elves.

Last year Stockings 4 Kids provided 4,000 beautiful filled Christmas stockings to less fortunate children right here in our own community.  This is our 12th year for Stockings 4 Kids and we plan to help more than 4,000 children enjoy the magic of Christmas with their own Christmas stocking.


We reach out to the community to raise funds for all of the toys that go into the stockings. We will have 15 toys in each stocking. They are beautiful 19" stockings filled with fun items appropriate for children of all ages.

Each stocking costs $15 and 100% of the donations go toward the cost of the stockings. We encourage sponsorship donations whenever possible, and truly appreciate each donation. Every stocking makes a difference for a child at Christmas.

Our little elves are learning the importance of reaching out to help other children.  They realize that for many children this may be their only present on Christmas day.  They actually have the opportunity to experience the loving feeling of making a difference for another child.


Last year we provided 4,000 stockings to 35 United Way partner agencies as well as to families who were in need of Christmas gifts for their children. This year our goal is increasing. We so appreciate the support from our community to make this happen.


United Mechanical, Inc., has been the Event Sponsor for over 6 years.

United Way of Lee is a partner with Stockings 4 Kids. This qualifies donations as a taxable deduction. United Way continues to support and assist us in many ways. They provide the warehouse space to make this project possible. They decorate the warehouse and turn it into  Santa's Workshop for stuffing day.

Lee County Sheriff's Office is a partner with Stockings 4 Kids. Deputies volunteer their time to join our elves on stuffing day at Santa's Workshop. They also deliver all of the filled stockings to their locations. The elves love meeting deputies up close and personal. The deputies express their admiration to all of the elves for volunteering their time to help children less fortunate. They are also a major sponsor.

We have many companies and volunteers who provide "in-kind services" for Stockings 4 Kids. This allows us to allocate 100% of all donations to the actual stockings.

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